Car TrackersCar trackers have become more and more widespread in South Africa due to cases of vehicle theft and hijacking continuing to rise and become increasingly violent. GPSs were originally developed for the military, and they enable the vehicle to be tracked and located globally.

A GPS (global positioning system) tracker is commonly installed in cars, cell phones and items of value or items that contain important information, such as laptops and safes. A is fitted in the vehicle, in a hard to find position. A is often one the first things criminals want to remove from a vehicle once it has been stolen, the is extremely difficult to locate, remove and disable.

But, before the criminals have a chance to remove the , the owner of the vehicle can notify their provider, and have it activated within seconds – a much shorter time than it would take the criminals to steal and hide the vehicle, never mind attempting to remove the .
A vehicle is one of the most important and expensive assets any person will purchase in their lifetime, and having a vehicle stolen is a huge blow mentally, financially and sometimes physically. A will make you and your vehicle safer.

Stolen vehicles without s are extremely difficult to recover, as parts are disassembled, cars repainted and number plates removed. By the time the criminals are done with the car, it very seldom looks the exact same way it did when it was stolen. If you don’t even know what your vehicle looks like anymore, how can you expect it to be found?
That’s where a can help. A is considered so important today that many insurance companies actually offer lower premiums if a is fitted in the vehicle.

A car tracking device can be used to locate a stolen vehicle, locate a broken down vehicle in a deserted area, peace of mind with new drivers or teenagers driving and monitoring the transport of goods.